Fabulous Fridays: Long Transits & Stopovers


In 2014, I bought two fares that allowed me to tour the St. John’s in Canada (the oldest city on North America) for a day and to spend couple of nights in Reykjavik on my way from Canada to Europe on a separate trip.

Fabulous Fridays Long Transits And Stopovers

People often confuse the words of stopover, layover and transit.

In an airline lingo a transit is a stop in a city that lasts for less than 24 hours. The transit becomes a stopover at the 24 or longer mark. Some domestic US fares don’t allow transits of more than 4 hours, however, Lets not use the word layover at all.

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Most fares allow you to have unlimited transits per the routing rules (some fares may only allow a direct flight) and some fares allow you to have stopovers (could be limited to just one or two but some may allow unlimited) in those transit cities also.

When stopover is allowed, you should always consult the fare rules to figure out, whether HIP (higher intermediate point) charge applies or not. Depending of the fare, it could be waived. Some fares have a charge for stopovers.

If the HIP applies, it merely means that the airline will charge the highest fare for your trip and the stopover may become very uneconomical.

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Long transit in St. John’s Canada

Fabulous Fridays Long Transits And Stopovers St John's

Westjet had a great fare from Toronto to Dublin that had a transit in St. John’s. The price was probably low because the route was soon ending for the winter and they had to fill up the last few flights.

The transit in St. John’s was 12 hours that was more than enough to tour the Signal hill and have a long walk around the area. I was able to have along stroll in the city center as well and visit one very nice cafe and to have a drink at a bar.

The weather in mid-October wasn’t too cool, at least wasn’t for me, and luckily it wasn’t raining.

Stopover in Reykjavik

Fabulous Fridays Long Transits And Stopovers Reykjavik

Icelandair advertises its flights as the best connecting ones between North America and Europe that allow a free stopover both ways.

I was on my way to from Toronto to London and never been to Iceland previously. Decided to book an Icelandair one-way flight to have two nights in the city.

It was very nice short visit just before Christmas, but didn’t make it to any of the thermal baths though. Need to pay another visit.


It is worthwhile to search for fares that allow you to have a stopover without any extra charge in a transit cities that you wish to visit. I have been eying Royal Brunei flights to have a quick few days in the Bandar Seri Begawan.

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