New York Times: “52 Places to Go in 2015”


The New York Times released over the weekend its “52 Places to go in 2015” list that a few of my friends shared on their Facebook feeds.

New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2015

The list is a nice read, although obviously made from a US perspective, and give you some ideas of places to visit in 2015.

Here are some of my picks from the New York Times article that you can access here.

1. Milan

I had no idea that the World Expo 2015 is being held in this Italian city, where I have been previously. I should probably plan to go there sometime in May, when I have been planning to be in Europe and can see the expo.

2. Cuba

This has been on the news a lot lately due to the lessening of the trade restrictions between the Cuba and the United States. I have been to Cuba twice. If you plan to visit the islands, remember to set your expectations very low when it comes to the quality of the hotels and service over all.

9. Faroe Islands

This is one of the places that is on my to visit list. Could probably swing by there this spring as well.

10. Macedonia

I have not been to most of the Balkan states and been tentatively planning to spend there two to three weeks after mid-May this year,

11. Medellin, Colombia

I was there on my Latin America tour last year and really liked the city, although someone ended with my cell phone there and saw a knife in front of my face at one point.

20. Oman

I will probably rent a car next time when in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and drive to Muscat.

23. New Orleans

Great city where I lived for year and a half before Katrina hit. There is much more than the infamous Bourbon street which you really don’t go anywhere near if you live in the city.

29. Papua New Guinea

Not sure if I could do this combined with East Timor? I am in Indonesia several times a year and shouldn’t be that difficult to get there.

40. Quebec City

Spent there wonderful couple of nights the other year. Nice train ride from Montreal and a great city. Need to go back.

43. Danang Vietnam

This has become a popular beach destination with western hotel chains. Haven’t been there yet.

51. Baku

Yeah. Need to visit both Azerbaijan and Armenia at some point.


It is actually quite interesting list from New York Times with some US and Caribbean destinations thrown in. What are your thoughts of the list?