Reader Questions: Qantas Flight Delays EC 261/2004 Compensation, Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie Walk & Currency Conversion On Hyatt Gift Checks

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Reader Question January 17 2015

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however.

Yang’s question about Qantas flight delay to Europe and EC 261/2004 compensation

My wife and I flew Qantas first class from Melbourne to London then to Zurich via British airways using AA miles. Our QF flight arrived in London 3.5 hours behind the schedule, which results in missing our connection flight back to Zurich. We ended up getting back to Zurich 4 hour late. I am wondering if EU261/2004 would apply to my case for compensation.

The problem here is that Qantas is not a community carrier and thus flights TO Europe are not guaranteed under the EC 261/2004 compensation plan.

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The flights from the European Union + Switzerland on all airlines are regulated by EC 261/2004 when it comes to these claims.

John’s question about exchange rate used when Hyatt Gift Checks involved

My question is regarding the use of Hyatt gift checks in a foreign country and the respective conversion rate.

I probably have news for you that you don’t like. The hotel likely converts these using their cash rate of the day that is likely very bad.

Just a reminder that you should never exchange cash at hotels. The rates offered are just terrible 99% of the time.

Rajiv’s question about being walked from Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

Just thought I will share this with you.

First such experience for me.

“Greetings from Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie !

Thank you for your advise on the credit card number to guarantee the reservation.

Kindly be informed that due to unforseen circumstances the hotel is expected to be fully booked tomorrow the 17th January 2015 therefore we will have to relocate a few guests stay to the nearest hotel (Saujana) for 01 night stay. We are regret to inform you that we will have to relocate your reservation to Saujana tomorrow the 17th January 2015 for 01 night stay and the remaining nights stay will be reserved at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie that is from the 18th-21st January 2015.

We sincerely apologies for all the inconveniences caused and please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance.”

The hotel is trying to be very cheap here.

This is one of the reasons why I have covered these “walk” situations here on LoyaltyLobby. Guests must be aware of what they are entitled to.

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The hotel should refund the price that the reader paid for the first night + enough points as a compensation for a free night at same category property that in this case is 15,000 points.


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