Whine Wednesdays: Journey Prayer On Malaysia Airlines


Although I have been taking flights on Malaysia Airlines quite a few times as of late (due to their great business class sales from Bangkok), it took me a while to catch this Journey Prayer that is at the end of their safety briefing.

Whine Wednesdays Journey Prayer

Many of the Gulf airlines do have some sort of prayer/welcome message at the beginning of their flights as well, but usually it is in Arabic and thus I don’t understand it.

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Now, some may say that Malaysia is a majority Muslim country, and statistically that is true, but it is not as predominant as in some other countries.

According to the World Factbook the share of religions in Malaysia are Muslim (official) 61.3%, Buddhist 19.8%, Christian 9.2%, Hindu 6.3%, Confucianism, Taoism, other traditional Chinese religions 1.3%, other 0.4%, none 0.8%, unspecified 1% (2010 est.).

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It is my personal opinion that business and religion should be kept separate just as a separation between “church and state”. People should be allowed to practice their religion of their choice or not to practice at all.

I don’t like, however, when a commercial business is broadcasting one religious view to all their passengers. You either broadcast all of them or none at all.

When you read the text that Malaysia Airlines has put on the screen and consider what happened with two of their planes last year, it makes even less sense.