LoyaltyLobby en Español Launched

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A few months ago, I hinted that we had been working on a Spanish version of LoyaltyLobby and it subsequently went live in December.

LoyaltyLobby en Español

The goal is to (eventually) have as deep coverage of the hotel and airline loyalty programs targeted towards the Spanish speaking audience both in the Americas and Europe, as LoyaltyLobby has in English for our global audience.

You can access LoyaltyLobby en Español at LoyaltyLobby.com/ES, on Twitter at Twitter.com/LoyaltyLobbyES and on Facebook at Facebook.com/LoyaltyLobbyES.

Eventually, we will have roughly half of the material syndicated from the English version and the other half exclusively written for Spanish readers covering more in-depth the hotel chains and airlines that serve that market.

Sometime later in the 2015, you may be redirected directly to LoyaltyLobby en Español if you access LoyaltyLobby from a Spanish speaking country or your browser/OS language settings are set to Spanish. There will always be an option to revert to the English version as well.


Don’t worry. I am not going to be writing any time soon for LoyaltyLobby en Español using my very very bad Spanish. The LoyaltyLobby en Español is edited from Mexico City and Barcelona for both European and Latin American coverage.

If you have any suggestions what LoyaltyLobby en Español should cover, you can always drop me an email (in English) or drop an email to Francisco (Spanish works here too).

It was bit of a surprise for me the differences between the Spanish language spoken in the various parts of the Americas and in Spain. We made our best effort to choose the words that would be most appropriate for the largest possible audience.

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