Dubai Overtakes London Heathrow As The Busiest International Airport

Dubai overtook London’s Heathrow as the worlds busiest airport in the number of international passengers (Heathrow is still bigger if domestic passengers are included) in 2014.

Dubai Heathrow

Dubai’s passenger count stood at 69.9M compared to 68.1M at Heathrow. When you count in the number of domestic passenger, the Dubai stood at 70.5M compared to 73.4M for Heathrow.

You can read more about this on The Telegraph’s website here and on BBC’s here. Below is an excerpt from The Telegraph.

“This historic milestone is the culmination of over five decades of double-digit average growth,” said Dubai Airports chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum.

He added that he expects traveller numbers to surge again this year. The airport is boosting its annual capacity to 90m passengers this year with the opening of Concourse D – a new hall for arrivals and departures.

By 2020, Dubai authorities expect its main airport to welcome 98.5m passengers. Its aviation industry is projected to account for 22pc of the emirate’s employment and more than a third of GDP.


Then there is the other airport now in Dubai as well called Al-Maktoum International that will have the capacity of 120M in 2022 when it should be competed. Wonder if they will eventually close the DXB and send all the traffic to the new airport?

London’s Heathrow is at capacity and there has been a fight as long as I can remember to build a new runaway that doesn’t seem to advance at all.

Heathrow should really work on the transfer experience that is not great especially if you need to move from one terminal to another, as I again found out in December.

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