Whine Wednesdays: Hotels At Vacation Destinations


What’s up with many of the hotel chains and the quality of their properties and service in many of the vacation spots?

Whine Wednesdays Hotels At Vacation Destinations

Sometimes I feel that the chains throw out the brand standards manuals out of the window and let the services and often the properties to slide in order to keep presence in these markets.

There is nothing wrong having unique properties in nice locations, but the service should be kept at the same level as the brand dictates and, at least in the full service properties, everything should be in working order.

I just spent few days in Bali where I have been numerous time previously and have stayed at most chain hotels sans the new Ritz-Carlton and Sofitel. Just checked out the Fairmont (former Regent hotel) in Sanur and the new Courtyard hotel in Dhyana Pura on this trip.

Also, spent couple of nights at the InterContinental hotel, where I have stayed at several times previously.


I may have couple of Compensation Clinic cases coming from this Bali trip as well. Especially, the stay at the InterContinental had so many issues that went wrong that it became comical (had I not been the one staying and “experiencing” them).

Usually, when you voice issues that these vacation spot hotels have, many people say that you should let it slide because it is a holiday destination and you cannot expect to receive same level of service as in the city center ones.

My personal opinion is that many of these hotels are no paying enough to attract qualified employees and/or don’t provide adequate training. I have always said that I rather take an older hotel with great service and good employees over one that is brand new but where service is lacking.

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