Hyatt Gold Passport Email & Guaranteed Bed Type


Yesterday, when I received my Hyatt Gold Passport account statement by email, I was just rolling my eyes.

Hyatt Gold Passport Bed Type Guarantee

Hyatt was proudly advertising their Bed Type “Guarantee” that you will always get the type of bed that you book. The problem is that Hyatt watered down this “guarantee” last year.

For as long as I can remember, Hyatt guaranteed for their elite members that they would receive the bed type they booked or the hotel would give them 5,000 bonus points for the inconvenience.

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This benefit was “enhanced” away on January 1, 2015 (read more here), because so few were able to take advantage of it according to the head of Gold Passport.


What is a “guarantee” worth if there is no downside for a property to break it? Why tout it as a guarantee when you know for sure that hotels will break it and there is no downside for them to do it? This makes very little sense.

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