Hilton HHonors Next Global Promotion Starts March 1, 2015 + Targeted Offers Coming


Hilton HHonors is moving away from back to back global promotions that the hotel company has traditionally had four times per year.

Hilton HHonors Targeted Offers

The hotel company will from now on to have two global promotions and number of targeted offers throughout the year based on the member’s stay history with the chain.

You can access Hilton’s my promotions here.

Here’s copy of the announcement that Hilton HHonors representative made on FlyerTalk yesterday (access here).

Here’s how: we’ll now have two global bonus promotions (what are typically referred to as our quarterly promotions) throughout the year instead of four. But, the remainder of the time, engaged members like you will receive some very cool targeted offers based on your level of activity within the HHonors program. This tailored approach will allow us to reward our members with the most relevant offers based on their travel behaviors and needs, which will ultimately help you get to your next free night faster. In addition, all of our hotels will be participating in these targeted offers, which we know is a top priority for you!

One more new update – we’re working on a new feature that will allow you to login to your HHonors account and view all the targeted offers and promotions that we’re running just for you. It’ll help identify ways to take advantage of your HHonors membership by earning and maximizing your Points so you can get out and play! You should see this new feature in your HHonors account later this year, and I will be sure to keep you posted on specific timing around its launch.

The next official global bonus promotion will start March 1, 2015, and I will have more details to share at the end of February. Once the next global bonus promotion begins on March 1 and the targeted offers are rolled out, there will always be a bonus offer that you can take advantage of throughout the year. Stay tuned for more details to come!


Here’s my take on “targeted” offers that are based on your stay history. They tend to favor those that don’t actually stay a lot with the and usually receive better offers compared to heavy users.

The thinking must go that why would be rewards those that already stay a lot at out hotels rather than offering greater bonuses to those that could potentially stay more.

These two global offers per year will continue to have sometimes ever growing list of non-participating properties. There are no opt-outs on targeted offers (those must be then entirely funded by Hilton HHonors).

Let’s hope that Hilton HHonors truly rewards those better that stay at their hotels and that these offers are offered all members worldwide.