Compensation Clinic: Courtyard Bali Seminyak


Marriott has a new hotel in Bali (in addition to the Ritz-Carlton that also was recently opened) that is more inline with a full service property than your usual Courtyard in North America. Yours truly spent a night at this new property last week and they missed couple of things.

Compensation Clinic Courtyard Bali Seminyak

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You can access Courtyard Bali Seminyak’s website here.

So, the property basically missed two things:

1. Platinum welcome amenity was not offered at the check in.


2. Platinum upgrade to an available suite was not processed (suites are part of the upgrade pool in Asia Pacific). The one category upgrade was per the rate rules.

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I had booked the hotel a few hours before my arrival, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually stay there or go to some other hotel after a couple of nights at the Fairmont Sanur.

I spoke with one of the managers in the morning and he promised to check what had happened with the check-in and we agreed to meet at the time of check-out.

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Their system, according to him, hadn’t showed my status correctly… that doesn’t make too much sense, as I did the reservation logged in to my account and the email confirmation properly displayed the Platinum status.

We agreed that in lieu of $50 Platinum Arrival Gift cash compensation they would issue 10,000 points + another 10,000 for the Platinum upgrade that didn’t happen.


Overall, I thought that this was quite nice property for a Courtyard, but their prices for Bali are a bit high. Although the hotel has just opened, there were an awful lot of families around. They must push the property a lot via tour operators, package deals and OTA’s. I could have booked the Autograph Collection The Stones for the same price.

I like the fact that many properties are willing to issue you compensation points for the cash payment they are required to pay out if guarantee is invoked. Marriott properties pay $60 per 10,000 points they issue as guest compensation.

I was never able to collect any of these guarantees for my full service hotel stays in the United States for many years. Over the past 12 months, this must be my third Platinum arrival gift that the property failed to offer. Maybe these international properties should train their front desk associates more with Platinum and other elite level benefits?

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    • Marriott gives such guarantees as a benefit to help people decide to stay. Its part of an overall package. I have stayed and had meetings a marriott properties just due to some of the benefits.

      When they guarantee something, if they don’t give it to you, then you should bring it to their attention and let them fix it. The problem is if they gauranteed this and no one ever claimed it when they fell thru, then it would be something else and then something else and in 3 years they would guarantee all kinds of things and not deliver and then the property would go in the toilet.

      When a guarantee is not met, the hotel has a small pain point when they have to give out compensation, that makes them train their employees better and that makes them redouble their effort in all areas. It is far better for a hotel to spend $60 and all the staff get a reminder and have better service in all areas for a short period of time (see Hawthorne studies) then it is for them to lose thousands or tens of thousands due to service standards slipping and people not returning.

      Frankly im sure one of the reasons marriot does it is so some customers will claim it and so hotels know customers are watching and it keeps them on point. There is a lot of phsychology behind things, marriot may not be able to directly control their properties and uphold standards and keep their name up, but all they have to do is offer some standards and all of a sudden customers will police things for them and properties listen to customers and then name and quality is upheld.

      John is doing them a favor by claiming the guarantees, I have done it a few times myself with platinum arival gifts.

      Before you get all over someone and demean them with names, perhaps you should consider the business impacts. Of course I often find that non business owners can have no business sense or understanding about what is required to run a business.

      Keep claiming the guarantees John, keep them on their toes, I like marriots standards at the properties that do it right and little things like this help keep it that way. As a business owner myself, I am grateful when a customer brings something to my attention and I have to refund money, because that helps me make more money long term by doing it right next time and in the future.

  1. I am with stvr on this one. Schnorrer is he right word as John does this all the time.Loopline
    also has it wrong! All John needs to do is ME NTION this at checkin & the hotel would correct the issue. He purposely waits until checkout to bring it up so he can get cash/points.

  2. John, is that true that there is guarantee upgrade to an available
    suite? Is this only for Courtyard in Asia and not Renaissance, Marriott
    or JW? Regardless, if Courtyard then I’ve missed out dozens of times. If
    other FS properties, it would be in the hundreds.

  3. I was just at The Stones hotel in Bali and it was beautiful. The location was iffy but over-all the staff were great and the rooms was excellent! I actually used my “worthless” cat. 5 Visa certificate there, which worked out well because in North America any decent cat. 5 are at the airports.


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