Delta Stops Publishing Award Charts


This has to be the stupidest move that US airline has taken as far as I can remember.


Delta has now made a decision to stop publishing award charts altogether. You can search for the price of the awards between different regions, but there is no longer definitive award chart published by Delta.

Why airline would do this?

1. They can freely change the number of miles required for economy and business class awards without having to put out a press release.

2. They could offer personalized offers for award tickets that are tied to the account where the SkyMiles are coming from.

3. The next logical step that Delta was contemplating introducing already a way back was to tied the number of SkyMiles required for an award directly to the price of the ticket (likely at roughly 1 mile = 1 cent).


It is truly the race to the bottom when it comes to Delta and “enhancements” to its SkyMiles program. Delta has been the first to come up with all these ridiculous changes that mainly United has then copied 100%.

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