And The Korean Air Nut Lady Verdict Is In: GUILTY!


The justice in South Korea seems to be very swift. The court in Korea found the daughter of the airline’s CEO to be guilty and and handed in a sentence of one year in prison. The maximum jail time could have been three years and the defense had hoped for a suspended sentence.

The Nut Lady Verdict

This whole ordeal started back in December when she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a plate per the instructions for first class service and forced the plane to return to the gate in New York to throw out the crew member.

I have covered the ins and outs of this case on my pieces here, here, here and here.

The court found that she forced the plane to change its route, obstructed the flight’s captain and forced a crew member off a plane.

There were other Korean Air employees on trial as well that tried to cover this incident after the fact including getting crew members to change their statements.


I am glad that this saga which hasn’t put Korean Air in a very good light is over.

As I have said previously, the captain on this plane didn’t have any “cojones” by allowing the daughter of the CEO to be in charge of the flight.

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