Hyatt Gold Passport Introduces Two New Diamond Benefits


Hyatt Gold Passport is announcing today two new benefits for Diamond members starting March 1, 2015, + WiFi upgrade to premium at hotels where available effective February 14.

Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Benefits Update

Gifted award stays will receive the Diamond benefits even when the member is not staying AND two United Club passes that are mostly useless for membership outside of the United States.

You can access Hyatt Gold Passport page for Diamond benefits here.

Diamond benefits on Award stays (when member is not staying)

Hyatt Gold Passport Enhanced Benefit 1

Now, award stays that are gifted by the Diamond member come with the same benefits, as if the member would be staying by him/herself. These benefits include 4PM check out, room upgrade and breakfast/lounge access.

Hyatt has separate lading page on for this benefit that you can access here.

Two United Club passes

Hyatt Gold Passport Enhanced Benefit 2

Diamond members will receive two United Club passes that they can use to access any of the United’s airport lounges excluding arrivals and firs class ones.

Premium WiFi

Hyatt Gold Passport Enhanced Benefit 3

Diamond members can now choose premium WiFi, where available, and the charge is waived.


Most of the time, when an elite member gifts an award stay, the benefits have been (wrongly) applied. This applies to all hotel chains, although this has never been an official guaranteed benefit. Hyatt has now made it official benefit on their program.

Considering how confused the hotel employees often are about the Diamond benefits in the first place, I can see some issues implementing this.

Surprising that United is working with Hyatt trying to get Diamond members to try their airport lounges considering the RewardsPlus partnership that the airline has with Marriott. I guess that these can come handy if flying United domestically and don’t have Star Alliance Gold status in any other program.

I would have liked to seen Hyatt Gold Passport making the award stays elite qualifying just like they are with Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott.

Now that the internet is complimentary for all guests at Hyatt hotels, may hotels will likely start offering premium option for those that actually need to get some work done over it. Free WiFi is good, but many hotels that now are offering this just don’t have the adequate capacity rendering the benefit utterly useless.

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