Delta’s CEO Blaming All Gulf Countries For The 9/11 Attacks & US Bankruptcies On CNN’s Quest Means Business.


Delta’s CEO was on Quest Means Business last night on the CNN and seems that the US airlines are gearing up the rhetoric against the Gulf airlines of Emirates and Etihad (both from the UAE) and Qatar Airways.

Source: CNN

Now, Delta’s CEO is blaming the countries (all) on the Arabian peninsula for the September 11 attacks that lead the restructuring of the airlines in the United States and implying that UAE has something to do with them.

If the video above doesn’t open for you automatically, you can access CNN’s web page for this article here.


The US airlines are for the most part shielded from the competition from the Gulf airlines, as they are mainly siphoning traffic from the US to the destinations that the the US airlines don’t serve. This obviously affects connecting traffic from the US via the European hubs.

May be this more of a campaign trying to prevent the Gulf airlines taking advantage of possible 5th freedoms route such as the Emirates Milan to New York. Perhaps these US carriers are also worried about the American traveling public consuming what is generally a superior in-flight product, especially in the premium cabins.