Whine Wednesdays: World Gone Mad With Selfies & Selfie Sticks?


Why do people seem to have the need to take “selfies” everywhere and all the time? Also, it now seems that a perfect selfie requires a “selfie stick”.

Whine Wednesdays Selfies

Just continuing on my “Pigs in Paradise” rant from last week (access here) I couldn’t quite understand the number of these selfie sticks that I saw people using in Phuket and Phi Phi island.

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Are people so narcissistic that they need to put their face to every photo they take, so that they can post these to social networks to show others where they have been?

Here’s a selfie stick rant on CNN (access here):

Some of the world’s most important museums are confirming what we’ve suspected all along but didn’t dare say: selfie sticks are stupid.

If ever there was a product that preyed so heavily on our fear of insignificance, it’s the selfie stick, or as I like to call it, the narcisstick.

But wait, there’s already a selfie stick company called exactly that, because it’s witty and ironic, right?

And not painfully honest.

More and more museums in New York are announcing bans on the selfie stick.

The Museum of Modern of Art (MoMA) has long removed the sticks from their exhibition halls to prevent damage to the artwork.

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I was horrified when I saw someone selling these selfie sticks even here in Salvador da Bahia, as so far I had mostly seen them only in Asia, although they seem to be spreading like a cancer all over the world right now.

Do people feel so insecure that they need to put their face to all these photos and blast them over? Quite frankly, I have never understood these selfies in the first place. What happened to the time honoured tradition of asking a (trusting looking) stranger to take your photo for you?

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