Hilton HHonors Dropping PINs & 1,000 Points For Updating Password February 19 – March 8, 2015


Hilton HHonors has been plagued with account take overs and hackers using points for merchandise (read more here).

Hilton HHonors PINs Gone

Hilton has tried to combat this by adding a captcha for logging to ones account (read more here), although this won’t make any difference that have been hacked, but not drained out of points yet.

You can access and change your Hilton PIN here.

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Here’s the statement that Hilton spokesperson sent us late yesterday:

Today, to ensure maximum security, Hilton announced that the login process for all Hilton HHonors members is being updated. PIN numbers will no longer be accepted and members will have until March 25, 2015, to create a new password or update their existing password. Members that update their password between February 19 and by March 8, 2015, will be awarded 1,000 Bonus Points as a thank you. Updating passwords today won’t make a difference as the change must happen on or after February 19, 2015.

This update will continue to protect the privacy of HHonors members while also allowing Hilton to make accounts more secure as the hospitality industry and loyalty programs are seeing an increased number of security incidents. While we know this is an added measure for our HHonors members, it will help us ensure their accounts are more secure.


One of the reasons why PIN number are so insecure, is the fact that 20 most popular combinations represent 27% of all the PINs used.

So, you soon may have to change your Hilton HHonors password, Why wouldn’t you do it now and collect 1,000 points in the process?