IHG Rewards Club New PointBreaks Hotels When & Where’s The List?

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During the past week, I have received quite a few emails from LoyaltyLobby readers who wanted to find out when the new PointBreaks are out and if we have the preview list as in the past.

IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Preview

We were supposed to hear back from IHG on Friday, but that didn’t happen. If the past is of any guidance, the new PointBreaks should go live sometime between 9AM to 11AM EST on Monday.

The current list of PointBreaks hotels can be access here.

Here’s how the PointBreaks have been previously announced:

1. IHG provides us with a preview list of 10 or so hotels (Thursday or Friday), the entire preview list is published on the community site on Friday/Saturday (the site is now gone), and the hotels have been available for bookings on Monday.

2. We get a preview list of few hotels, but the entire list is not released only after they have been available for bookings on Monday.

3. IHG just updates the PointBreaks list on its website hours after the new hotels have been already available for bookings. No prior updates.


Seems that we may be back to the old-old way of releasing PointBreaks (at least this time around) meaning that we don’t get any advance notice of hotels going sale.

If you are looking for the new list, you should probably be online on Monday morning eastern time and check LoyaltyLobby periodically.

We can usually gather quite comprehensive list of hotels at the 5,000 points level after their booking has gone live hours before the IHG actually updates the list on their website.

If the PointBreaks are released tomorrow, we will put a post up on LoyaltyLobby immediately and the blog broadcast will also go out at that time. We will also post on out Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Let’s hope that the new batch is out tomorrow and that it would be a good one.

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