Qantas Gold Status Match For New Zealand “Residents” Apply By March 9, 2015


Qantas has launched a status match promotion to lure in members that live (or at least their account I based) in New Zealand.

Qantas Gold New Zealand Residents

Qantas will match to their Gold status (Oneworld Sapphire) frequent fliers that hold Gold or higher status with any other frequent flier program except Emirates Skywards.

You can access this offer on Qantas website here.

Note that the terms and conditions state that the matched status would be valid for 12 months during which you should earn 600 status credits to keep it.


It is interesting that Qantas don’t mind matching Oneworld alliance airlines frequent flier members but won’t Emirates Skywards ones. Bit surprising, don’t you think?

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Qantas New Zealand Status Match Terms & Conditions

The Qantas Status Match Offer (“Offer”) is open to New Zealand resident Qantas’ Frequent Flyer members (“Member”) who wish to match their status in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program with the Gold status level (or above) (“Qualifying Status”) that they have in another airline’s frequent flyer program, except Emirates Skywards (“Competitor Frequent Flyer Program”) . This Offer opens 12.01am NZDT 9 February 2015 and is valid until 11.59pm NZDT 9 March 2015 (“Promotional Period”). This Offer is subject to change without notice. Qantas may extend the offer.

How it works

• To participate in this Offer, applicants must be existing Qantas Frequent Flyer members or join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program prior to applying for matched Gold Status. This Offer is only open to residents of New Zealand. Non-members may apply for complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership at

• Members must upload a photo or scanned jpeg of their Qualifying Status in a Competitor Frequent Flyer Program at to request matched gold status in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

• Once they have uploaded a photo or scanned jpeg, members will receive an email confirming receipt of the proof of Qualifying Status and their status match application will be processed. Members should allow 10 business days from receipt of request for their application to be processed.

• Upon approval, Members will receive an email confirming whether their status has been accepted or declined.

• Members will receive their membership card up to 28 days after approval.


• The Member will be responsible for providing satisfactory proof of their Qualifying Status in a Competitor Loyalty Program when applying for this Offer. Qantas will accept the following proof of Qualifying Status level in a Competitor Loyalty Program:

• a photo of your 2014/2015 Competitor Frequent Flyer Program membership card that clearly identifies your full name and current elite tier/status level
• a scanned copy of your 2014/2015 Competitor Frequent Flyer Program membership card that clearly identifies your full name and current elite tier/status level

• All submitted materials must be legible and not manipulated in any way. Qantas reserves the right not to consider any applications where the accompanying proof of Qualifying Status provided is not legible or appears to have been manipulated in any way.

• Status match applications received during the Promotion Period will be accepted or rejected at Qantas’ sole discretion upon review of the Members’ submitted proof of Qualifying Status in a Competitor Frequent Flyer Program.

• Upon approval, the Member’s Qantas Frequent Flyer account will be updated to Gold Status for a period of at least 12 months. If a Member is already Gold status or above in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program at the time of the application, that Member will be ineligible for this Offer.

• If approved, Members may enjoy Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold member benefits according to their matched Qantas status level by providing their Qantas Frequent Flyer account number when booking flights or at check-in.

• To retain Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold status, matched members must earn 600 Status Credits and satisfy minimum Qantas Group flight requirements in their own right during their next membership year.

• Members could earn Status Credits on eligible flights travelled with Qantas and other partner airlines upon completion of travel.

• Status Credits will be awarded based on the published, purchased base fare paid (excluding taxes and mandatory fees) on the individual eligible fares and other specified activities. Airport facility charges, customer and immigration fees, security fees, baggage fees, in-flight purchases and other fees and taxes are not eligible to earn Status Credits.

• The specific number of Status Credits that will be awarded for eligible flights, will be available on the Qantas website. The definition of eligible flights, as well as the amount of Status Credits accrued for eligible flights may change over time. We reserve the right to determine which travel is eligible for earning Status Credits and to make modifications at any time. Unless otherwise specified, Qantas Points earned through other Qantas activities such as purchases through Qantas partners, Qantas top-up points purchases or Qantas Point family transfer activities are not eligible to earn Status Credits.