Whine Wednesdays: Power Plugs & Adapters


Wonder why there is no worldwide standard when it comes to the power plugs that may have prongs, blade or pins (all different and incompatible) ?

Whine Wednesdays Power Plugs

I have several adapters in my computer bag so that I can use my electronics that come with European, US and UK power plugs that are all different.

So, here in the Brazil the power outlets are European style, but you must use bit thinner pins that this white converter of mine had. I had to attach yet another tiny converter to it to be able to plug it in the wall. So, there are three different converters on the photo above.

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Hotels usually have number of different adapters that you can borrow from the front desk that other travelers have left behind. I certainly have left number of mine!

I wish that we could come up with worldwide standard for these power adapters. They certainly make connecting electronic devices cumbersome sometimes.

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