CNN: “Guyana, not Goiania: Destination mix-up leaves yet another traveler stranded”


When I was watching CNN the other day, there was yet another airport mix up story that had left not so experienced stranded.

Goiana Guyana

A passenger from Ghana was traveling to Guyana in the northern South America, but the travel agent had sold him a ticket to Goiania a city in Brazil.

You can access the CNN piece here.

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Here’s an excerpt from CNN:

Emmanuel Akomanyi couldn’t get a direct flight to Guyana so he boarded a plane in Ghana to Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

There, he bought a ticket to his final destination in Guyana — a South American country on the Caribbean coast bordering Surinam, Venezuela and Brazil.

But when he got off the plane, he was not in Guyana — he was in the city of Goiania, Brazil — almost 3,000 kilometers away from where he needed to go.

Akomanyi spent a week in Brazil, supported by strangers as he had no money.


There have been stories people ending up in Auckland instead of Oakland or Grenada instead of Granada. Always check that the ticket has been issued to the correct destination!

I got caught with a travel agent mix up back in the late 1990’s. Travel agent had mixed up airport codes in New York and inserted a wrong airport code to the paper ticket. I was at the airport stated on the paper ticket, but the flight was leaving from a different one. The airline ended up sorting out the travel agent mistake.

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