Express: “Passengers delayed for more than SEVEN hours at Manchester Airport ‘so pilot could rest’”


Seems that Air France had an operational meltdown this past Monday that lead pilots to exceed their duty hours and land at Manchester airport instead of Paris on a flight from New York.

Express Passengers delayed for more than SEVEN hours at Manchester Airport 'so pilot could rest'

The plane had to wait four hours in New York to be de-iced that lead to the cockpit crew timing out during the flight. What followed the diversion is entirely Air France’s fault, however.

You can read more about this incident on Express’ website here and below is an excerpt:

The flight had been delayed from taking off by around four hours at New York while queueing to be de-iced.

It meant the plane’s pilot would have exceeded his flying time before getting to Paris, so the flight diverted to Manchester instead.

They landed at 11.30am yesterday – and were kept on the plane until around 6.30pm.

Air France had originally told passengers it would send a new crew to fly the plane on to its destination.

But while pre-flight checks were being carried out a technical fault was then discovered in the cabin.

The airline then said it would fly three extra planes over the collect passengers – but these took hours to arrive.

After being eventually let off the double decker A380, passengers were taken to a waiting room near departures, where they say around 50 burgers were provided.


The Air France operations must have known before the flight took off in New York that the cockpit crew would exceed their allowable duty hours and that the flight would have to be diverted. It is just surprising that they didn’t send a new crew to Manchester in advance.

Not providing food and water for hours at the Manchester airport is absolutely inexcusable as well is the fact that they tried to prevent from leaving the flight in the UK once landed.

Manchester is an international airport and must have immigration and customs people on hand during the time frame the Air France passengers were stuck at the airport.

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