Norwegian Pilots On Strike & SAS Copenhagen Cabin Crew Walkout

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You should check your European flights over the next few days if they involve the Norwegian or SAS in Copenhagen.

Norwegian SAS

Norwegian pilots are after collective bargaining agreement across all pilot bases in Europe and SAS Copenhagen cabin crew is protesting moving some of them to work at a lower pay to a subsidiary airline that SAS acquired last year.

You can read more about the Norwegian strike on Reuters here and the SAS strike on ABC News website here.

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters about the Norwegian strike:

The strike will initially involve 70 pilots, but could be sharply escalated to 650 pilots on a short notice if there is no deal reached over a collective agreement and work conditions, it added on its website.

Norwegian NTB news agency reported that the strike could be escalated from Wednesday.

“Norwegian’s goal is to operate all flights on Saturday and Sunday as planned, as only a limited number of pilots are on strike this weekend,” the airline said in a statement.

It said it was ready to involve pilots currently working in administrative roles and pilots from its subsidiaries to make sure that only a limited number of passengers is affected.

Here’s an excerpt from ABC News about the SAS Copenhagen cabin crew strike:

Scandinavian Airlines says some 30 flights out of Copenhagen have been canceled after members of a Danish cabin crew union walked out to protest the carrier’s plan to move 147 employees to a domestic airline that SAS acquired last year.

Group spokeswoman Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen says the strike was “illegal,” adding SAS canceled 60 flights Friday when the walkout started.

Kromann-Mikkelsen could not immediately confirm that dozens of SAS-operated flights to Copenhagen also were canceled Saturday.


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Norwegian Air Shuttle that tries to open a subsidiary in Dublin that would allow it to operate transatlantic flights using cabin & cockpit crew based in Bangkok (read lower pay).

SAS is trying to move part of it cabin crew to its subsidiary that has lower pay and where SAS bargaining agreements wouldn’t apply.

Remember that both airlines are required to rebook you on other airlines and provide care in case of disruptions due to these strike per EC 261/2004 legislation.