Norwegian Cancels Most Norway, Sweden & Denmark Flights March 4, 2015

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Norwegian put out a press release late on Tuesday announcing that more than 35,000 passengers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark will be affected by the strike on Wednesday by pilots.

Norwegian Strike March 4 2015

The airline and its pilots were unable to reach an agreement and the pilot strike that started over the weekend was going to expand to all pilots based on Norway, Sweden and Denmark on Wednesday.

You can access Norwegian’s press release here.

Following Norwegian flights are not affected by the strike:

Flights to / from UK with flight number DY2400 to DY2900

Flights to / from Spain with flight number DY5100 to DY5598

Flights to / from Finland with flight number DY5599 to 5999

Flights to / from USA and Thailand with flight number DY7001 to DY7999


If you are scheduled to fly on any Norwegian flights operated by its Scandinavian flight crew, your flight is likely canceled tomorrow and you need to contact the airline to have them book you on any other airline.

The monetary compensation per EC 261/2004 doesn’t apply in case of strikes, but airlines’ duty to care such as provide accommodations for stranded passengers doesn’t go away.

The airline may not be forthcoming to rebook you on SAS or any other carrier that flies to the destination that you are trying to get to, but they are legally obliged to do so. It always help if you have flights options to propose.