Coconuts: “Bangkok nightlife said to be on midnight curfew until further notice”

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A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me a link to an article on Thai/Asia based Coconuts website that was reporting that Bangkok’s entertainment venues are again under midnight curfew for few weeks.

Coconuts Bangkok nightlife said to be on midnight curfew until further notice

When the military junta displaced the elected government last year, Bangkok was under curfew and dry in the evenings for few weeks (I was in the city at the time).

In January, there was some reports that the Thai police had banned alcohol sales after midnight even at the entertainment venues (read more here), but that didn’t last for long.

Then there were reports back in December that Thai police had begun random shakedowns of foreigners in Bangkok in search of a tea money (read bribes). You can read more about this here.

Below is an excerpt of this latest development from the Coconuts article that you can access in full here:

While the Buddhist holiday of Makha Bucha is over Thursday, the usual prohibitions on nightlife may just be beginning.

Bangkok police will order all nightlife and entertainment venues, parties and events to call it a night by midnight for the next two weeks, according to a number of organizers, promoters and owners who’ve been notified by police.

The alleged order will apply across the board to everything in the capital, they believed, from nightclubs on Soi Sukhumvit 11 and RCA to events such as the big Maya EDM party to be staged Saturday night on army-owned property.

A nightclub owner, event promoter and party organizer independently claimed to have been informed there would be no exceptions to the midnight entertainment curfew but that it would last for about two weeks starting this weekend. They did not want to be quoted or identified.

Between midnight and 1am early Wednesday morning, groups of army and police personnel visited a number of nightlife venues to order them closed. While such visits are normal on the eve of a religious holiday, several reportedly included warnings of the closing time to be imposed.


Seems that the military junta and the Thai police are trying to do their best to hurt the tourism business in Thailand and especially in Bangkok. It makes you wonder why?

Tourism is a huge business for Thailand. If there are uncertainties, whether one can have an adult beverage or two after midnight, some may choose to go to other country to spend their money.