Whine Wednesdays: Use Headphones Or Earbuds!


Last week, I spent a few nights at the Renaissance hotel in Sao Paulo where I have been 10+ times over the past decade (how the rates have risen!).

Whine Wednesdays Headphones

The club lounge at the hotel is nice and spacious, although it was very busy midweek when quite a few people appeared to have business meetings there.

I don’t mind business meetings or usual background noise, but absolutely cannot stand when people are streaming content using mobile devices and not using headphone or earbuds.

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May be lounges should start providing headphones just as the fitness centers usually do?


Based on the sound that I heard, I believe that this fella was streaming a documentary about Seaworld and orcas that I have also seen. It was a good one, but I would have preferred not listening to it.