Hyatt Gold Passport March 1 (Terms & Conditions Update)


Hyatt Gold Passport has updated the Terms and conditions governing its guest loyalty program effective immediately.

Hyatt Gold Passport Terms and Conditions Update

There are are no drastic changes this time beyond that a newspaper is no longer a benefit for Platinum or Diamond members.

You can access the program terms and conditions here.

1. Earning Points

Hyatt Gold Passport Terms and Conditions Update 1

Previously, you have been able to split the room bill and both parties have been eligible for points. This is no longer the case. Only one party at the time can earn points and “tier” credit.

2. Internet Access & Newspaper

Hyatt Gold Passport Terms and Conditions Update 2 & 3

The terms and conditions are now updated to reflect the fact that Platinum and Diamond members are eligible for premium internet access where available.

And a newspaper is no longer benefit provider by default. I would imagine that many hotels still continue this tradition.

3. United Club Passes

Hyatt Gold Passport Terms and Conditions Update 4

Hyatt now acknowledges that Diamond members will get two United Club passes per year.


Nothing drastic here this time around. The fact that only one party can earn points for a room rate is the case with all other hotel loyalty program that I know. This could be a benefit downgrade for those that tend to split the bill so that both parties would earn points.

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