Compensation Clinic: InterContinental Port Ghalib Reflag (Egypt)


InterContinental Port Ghalib in Egypt, that was on the previous PointBreaks list, ended up leaving the IHG system on on January 15th while many had reservations for the property.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Port Ghalib Reflag

A LoyaltyLobby reader wrote me at the time and I also published a piece (access here) about the situation. The property had decided not to honor any award reservations.

At least one reader, however, had a positive outcome that he wrote to LoyaltyLobby this past week.

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Here’s what he commented on that previous piece:

As my stay is over I can write it. I had 10 nights, 2 rooms at this property. that was 100k points. i did not want to go there anymore as it was not an IC anymore. I got 400k points for free, and with the 100k this made 500k points and i could book 2 rooms, 10 nights in Cairo (could choose either of the 2 IC’s). I had choose the Citystars, reason it had a better pool for the kids. for location it’s soso.

Of course i had to give back the 400k points in case i would not stay there. The IC cairo city stars was perfect……. got breakfast included, lounge included, mini bar for free in 1 of the rooms, and several small things for free including airport drop off etc. Not bad for 100k points out of my own pocket. got treated like a real VIP there.

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This was the best possible outcome for the reader considering that IHG cannot force a hotel that leaves the system to honor award reservations.

The cost for IHG was probably the same for the 20 nights at the InterContinental Citystars than at the Port Ghalib property (PointBreaks hotels get reimbursed under the same schedule as regular awards nights).

So, issuing 400K points for the inconvenience that the Royal Ambassador could book another property in Egypt was win win solution for both parties and didn’t cost the IHG Rewards Club a penny more. .

There has been quite a few emails from readers as of late regarding nonhonored award reservations at number of hotels due to reflags and property not opening on time (not just IHG). The outcome is not often good for the consumer. I am glad that IHG Rewards Club step to the plate here and made it right.

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