RANT: Using Le Club Accorhotels Euro Vouchers Outside Of The Eurozone


Le Club Accorhotels has unique way of rewarding its members for stays and then turning the points to awards.

RANT Le CLub Accorhotels Voucher Usage

You earn number of points based on the euro spent, possible bonus(es) and your status level with Le Club Accorhotels. You can then convert those points to 40 Euro voucher for every 2,000 earned. You then use the vouchers towards paid rates at the time of checking out.

You can access Le Club Accorhotels page for loyalty program here.

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Accor used to issue Le Club Accorhotels vouchers in number of currencies in addition to the Euro. Many preferred issuing USD based vouchers for use dollar based countries.

Exchange Rate Used To Convert Euro Vouchers To Local Currencies

Here’s where the main problem is. Many, if not most, hotels have decided to use their CASH exchange rates (always bad) when converting these Le Club Accorhotels vouchers to local currency often shaving 10% or more off of their value ripping off their most loyal guests in the process. Accor seems to be quietly accepting this practice.

RANT Le CLub Accorhotels Voucher Usage Real Rate

I was in Brasilia (the capitol of Brazil) and decided to use couple of vouchers to pay for a stay at Mercure hotel. I certainly wasn’t happy when the hotel was trying to use a rate that was off by exactly 10% off of the live market rate.

The front desk agent showed me the screen from Accor’s intranet of which I have the shot above that listed the “exchange” rate from four currencies to Brazilian Reais.

The good thing about Accor’s website is that you can get it to show the rate in number of currencies. I showed them the price in Euro and then In Reais and calculated the exchange rates Accor was using. After few words, the property agreed to use the rate displayed on Accor’s website for consumers.

Who Hotels Are Not Willing To Use The Live Rate?

Then on this past Sunday, I spoke with a Sofitel manager that was complaining that Accor only reimburses them for 35% off of the value of the voucher and not 100%.

I said that it is actually usually far more what they would get from Marriott, IHG, Hilton etc. as long as the occupancy is less than 95% when they usually get reimbursed the ADR (Average Daily Rate).


There have been some hotels that have used real rates when redeeming these Accor vouchers, but most do not. I don’t mind if the rates is off by couple of percentages. But when it is off by 10% or more then it is just ridiculous.

Hotels should take it with Accor if they don’t like the 35% reimbursement rate and not hit their loyalty program members.

You can usually get the hotel to apply the market rate by arguing few minutes at the front desk and getting a manager involved. It shouldn’t be this difficult, however, to use your hard earned points.

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