Copa Airlines ConnectMiles Launch & Get 1,000 Miles For Signing Up Now!


Copa Airlines has been using United MileagePlus as its frequent flier program due to Continental owning part of the airline in the past.

Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

United Airlines announced last year that Copa Airlines would be launching its own frequent flier program in June and the partnership beyond Star Alliance would be coming to an end (read more here).

You can access Copa Airlines ConnectMiles website here.

Now, Copa Airlines has announced the name of its new program that is called ConnectMiles.

Copa Airlines ConnectMiles Confirmation

The enrollment for the program begins in May, but you can already subscribe for the updates AND receive 1,000 miles when you sign up for the ConnectMiles later (just use same email address when the enrollment opens).


Copa Airlines now has quite a bit of information available about their new program. I will have separate update tomorrow.

Let’s hope that it is Avianca LifeMiles type program that would allow us to have access to reasonably priced Star Alliance premium awards.