Whine Wednesdays: Annoying SuperClick Bar (Hotel Internet)


Have you come across this super annoying SuperClick bar that interferes your browsing activity by placing a bar in top area of the web page that you are browsing?

Whine Wednesdays SuperClick

I remember that quite a few hotels were using this “service” in the early/mid 2000’s, but you rarely come across this crap unless you happen to be staying at a Fairmont hotel like me right now.

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Seems that this “bar” doesn’t work too well with Android phone that I have, as it drops the WiFi connection and switches to mobile date.

On my laptop, I can bypass this crap by using a VPN and connecting to some server and route the internet traffic through it.


I cannot understand what someone at the SuperClick or the hotel that uses their services is thinking? This bar is annoying, although you can close it. But it opens up every single time you are a different window and I have probably 30+ open at any given time and don’t have time or patience to deal with this.