Hyatt Gold Passport Freddie Awards Voting Fraud


On March 15th, I wrote about cryptic email (access here) that Hyatt Gold Passport sent to some Diamond members about their breakfast benefit.

Hyatt Gold Passport Freddie Awards Voting Fraud

The email didn’t make any sense, but a LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a note pointing out an earlier email where Hyatt was soliciting Diamond members to vote for their program on Freddie awards based on the false premise.

You can access Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond benefits here.

Here’s the email that Hyatt sent soliciting votes:

Hyatt Gold Passport Freddie Awards Voting Fraud Email

Here’s the cryptic email that Hyatt sent about their breakfast benefit:

Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Breakfast Email Body


Hyatt should hire people that know the benefits of Diamond status rather than warm bodies checking out the emails that they send out.

They sent out an email soliciting Freddie votes stating that Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members always receive FULL breakfast that is not the case.

If Freddie Awards would have any dignity (they don’t as the people running the show are buddies with the current head of Gold Passport), they would exclude the entire Hyatt program from this year based on the incorrect emails that they have been sending out.