Fabulous Fridays: Hotels With Great Internet

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There have been plenty of issues with hotel internet speeds as of late due to it being free for all that often means that nobody can actually use it because hotel doesn’t have enough bandwidth capacity.

Fabulous Fridays Hotel Internet

But there are hotels out there that seems to get that merely offering 1 to 2 MBPS as a “high speed” internet doesn’t cut it anymore.

The 46 MBPS down and 20 MBPS up was at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Dubai. As the quality of the connection was that good, I ended up loading couple of movies that otherwise would have taken forever.

Fabulous Fridays Hotel Internet Renaissance Sao Paulo

The 8 MBPS both up and down is not bad either. This is at the Renaissance hotel in Sao Paulo where I am currently.


I would love to see other full service hotels to ensure that they have adequate internet bandwidth capacity in place just like the two hotels referenced above. Too often the “high-speed” internet is missing the speed.