Compensation Clinic: Intercontinental Bangkok (Non-working Room Keys)


This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from an Intercontinental hotel in Bangkok where yours truly have stayed several times.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Bangkok

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You can access InterContinental Bangkok’s website here.

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Note that I may shorten the emails for clarity and may edit out the names of the hotels employees, as long as they are not management members.

The reader filled out one of those after stay surveys that many of the hotels send out and the hotel contacted the guest by email after receiving feedback about the issues.

Here’s the email that the reader sent to the hotel after their stay:

As I mentioned in the feedback form, I was very disappointed about the issues with the room key cards. On my arrival day(22 FEB), I got a total of two room keys. In that afternoon, when I finish swimming in your rooftop pool, I cannot use the room card to access my room.

At first I thought I forget my room number, in fact I’m not. The reception lady didn’t explain anything but she did change the cards for me.

However, since I was staying with my mum(she didn’t speak thai and English), my mum was terrifed when she can’t access her room. She had to change the room key alone in the lobby. This is an absolutely bad experience for her!

The nightmare did not end here however. The next day(23 FEB) we cannot use the room key again(around 2pm). This time we can’t even access the lift. I meet other people in the lift who encounter same issue as we do.

I had to go to the reception again to change the room key cards.I was wondering why this kind of silly issues will happen again and again. It also led me to think of the security levels in your hotel.

As I also mentioned in my feedback form, as an Ambassador member, I require a refund of points or vouchers to compensate my dissatisfactory stay.

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Here’s the response from the hotel:

Thank you for your recent stay at InterContinental Bangkok and for sharing your feedback with us.

My name is (removed) and I am the Front Office Manager possible for all services in our rooms department, I am disappointed to hear of your experience while you were staying with us last visited from your responded email to me from online questionnaire.

The room key card was not functioning properly and made you and your family not satisfied during your last visited with us, and I do apologize for the frustration and inconvenience caused and I believe this could have been easily addressed during your arrival. We are aware that you often stay with us at InterContinental Bangkok and we appreciate your on-going support and loyalty.

I have updated your profile accordingly to ensure you are well taken care of during your future visits. I would also ensure that we meet in person. However, we will credit IHG reward club point to your account for 35,000 point as this incident.

We hope you will allow us to restore your confidence by returning to stay with us for your next visit to Bangkok so that we may demonstrate our commitment to serving you better. Once again, appreciated of your beautiful comment and we look forward to welcoming you back soon at InterContinental Bangkok

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It always pays to fill out those after stay surveys and indicate any issues that you may have had during your stay.

I have stayed at the Intercontinental Bangkok many times over the past 10 or so years and have noticed that recently the employees are not as well trained as they used to be. They must be experiencing high turnover.

When your changed your keys on the first day, the front desk probably didn’t program them correctly for the duration of your stay and thus they stopped working on the second day. I do feel that it is very annoying having to go back to the front desk to have the keys redone. I am glad that they provided adequate compensation for the issues.

As a matter of fact, I received a non-working key yesterday at the JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro. I requested two keys and one of them just doesn’t work. Front desk probably didn’t program it at all.