Starwood Preferred Guest & Uber Update: Rides Posting Fast!


Starwood Preferred Guest and Uber launched their partnership back in February (read more here).

Starwood Preferred Guest Uber Update

Starwood Preferred Guest members could earn Starpoints for Uber rides (more if they stay at Starwood property at the same time) as long ass they have at least one stay per year. The maximum number of Starpoint that can be earned is tied to the yearly max of $10,000 in Uber charges.

You can access Starwood’s web page for this partnership here.

Starwood Preferred Guest Uber Partnership Mismatch

The problem that I and many other SPG members had was that we couldn’t sign up! The system was complaining that the info that the Starwood and Uber had didn’t match. I tries several times until was successful less than a week ago. The must have work out the issues.

Starwood Preferred Guest Uber Update Postin

And the Uber rides post to SPG account really fast. I took a ride from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and it posted within a day. Yesterday, I took Uber from Renaissance hotel in Sao Paulo to the domestic Congonhas airport and the points have already posted.


It is always nice to earn points for everyday activities. The number of Starpoints that one earns from these Uber rides is so small hat it doesn’t sway me to use Uber any more or less than what I already do.