Air Canada’s Rough Landing In Halifax

Air Canada flight AC 624 that departed from Toronto to Halifax on Saturday night had a rather rough landing.

Air Canada Halifax Incident

The weather had been bad in Halifax and the plane had circled few times before trying to land. There are no fatalities but more than 20 passengers had been taken to the hospital.

You can read more about this incident on NBCNews website (access here) of which below is an excerpt:

An Air Canada passenger jet skidded off the runway after a “hard landing” at the Halifax airport in Nova Scotia, authorities said early Sunday, sending 25 people to the hospital.

The airline said that Air Canada Flight 624 from Toronto — an Airbus A320 — “exited the runway” upon landing. It said a preliminary count showed 133 passengers and five crew were on board when the incident took place just after midnight local time.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport said its airfield was closed and 25 people were taken to the hospital. The airline said later that 18 had been treated and released.

“We are thankful no serious injuries have been reported,” Halifax airport posted on Twitter.

“There was bad weather and reduced visibility. They circled for a while and then went in when they saw a break in weather,” a passenger on the plane, Treasure Addis-Mills, said. “People with bloody faces. Took a long time being stranded on the runway with snow coming down.”


I have flown Finnair many times in and out of Helsinki and other airports in Finland when other airlines had canceled their flights due to bad weather but Finnair kept flying. Considering the winter weather in Canada, the situation must be the same there and pilots accustomed to it.

This was probably the last flight for this Airbus A320 plane considering the damage. Good that there were no fatalities.