READER QUESTION: InterContinental Davos Closed During Stay

A LoyaltyLobby reader contacted me this week regarding stay at the InterContinental Davos at the end of April. Turns out that the hotel is closed for the summer and that IHG is trying to relocate guests.

InterContinental Davos

The management company behind InterContinental Davos went bust and owner had to take over (read more here). Seems that they have decided that the hotel won’t cover even the operation costs during the summer time and it is better just close the hotel.

You can access InterContinental Davos web page here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I was reading this article: IHG Brand Standards In Case Of Overbooking / Being Walked. I have a similar situation but a bit complex so I’m wondering what you would recommend.

My wife is an IHG platinum and is using 2 free night certs (from the intothenights offer) at the Intercontinental Davos at the end of April. This was booked on the 9th of January. We received a call last week that the hotel will be closed due to seasonality (I’m guessing low occupancy). They offered to book us at a decent hotel but as I will be in a conference and we picked this hotel so my wife could use the spa, I requested a better hotel with spa. They proposed another hotel outside of Davos which is pricier, has a spa and is actually closer to the conference area so I’ve accepted.

What else should I request or am I entitled to due to the preemptive walk? A few additional points:

I am an Intercontinental ambassador but the reservation was under my wife’s account

I had talked up the property to friends of ours who have also booked a paid stay at the property and will be moved as well

The problem is that this is not a walk because the hotel is closed during your stay.

IHG could have just canceled the stay and redeposited the free night certs from the Into the nights-promotion back to your account and there would not have been any recourse from your part.

I am glad that they have decided to pick up the (rather significant) bill and relocate guests to other area hotels at their expense.

You could always ask for some compensation points due to the fact that there are no status related benefits at the hotel where they have relocated you. But you should be glad that they relocated you in the first place and not just cancel the reservation.

You can access my article about being relocated / walked from an IHG affiliated hotels: IHG Brand Standards In Case Of Overbooking / Being Walked


There are too many emails from readers that have been left without award reservations when hotel has been closed or changed flags (left the hotel chain). Starwood is especially bad and usually never does any favors for affected guests. Not even relocating them to other affiliated hotels in the same area.

I think that IHG has done right here by offering to relocate affected guests at their expense at other hotels in the area. As the reader pointed above, they even allowed them to change to another hotel so that his wife could have access to SPA.

There is nothing wrong, however, asking some compensation points for the inconvenience and for not getting any possible elite level benefits.