Whine Wednesdays: “Show Showers” Case: W Santiago


Many hotels nowadays have half open or fully open bathroom concepts that make the room/suite feel more spacious than it really is.

Whine Wednesdays Show Showers

But I cannot stand these set ups that hotels such as W Santiago de Chile has where the shower and bath are both completely open to the bedroom and there is no curtain that one could close.

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I am not sure if this set up would be considered cool and hip, but I just don’t get it. The bathroom area would be otherwise very tight and probably couldn’t fit the bathtub, but exposing all? Is it really required?


I did like the W hotel in Santiago de Chile where I hadn’t been previously. It is within walking distance to Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental hotels where I have previously stayed number of times. The neighborhood is nice and has upscale residential feel, although there are offices as well.

I just wish that we could say “goodbye” to this open bathroom concept or to these “Show Showers” that you can find at a number of W hotels (Montreal comes to my mind).

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