UPDATE: Airberlin Topbonus (Oneworld) Status Match


Yesterday, I wrote (access here) about easy status matches that Airberlin is currently offering for Topbonus Gold status that maps to Oneworld Sapphire.

UPDATE Airberlin Topbonus Status Match

I decided to do the match for myself as well, although I have lifetime Sapphire status through AA and Emerald one on BA (need to requalify though).

The process went rather smoothly except that you really need to follow their instructions. They don’t care online statements or screenshots, but really want to just get a copy of your frequent flier cards..

As the airline is not matching from another Oneworld airlines, I decided to match my United Premier Gold status (lifetime) and took a screenshot of the status that was shown on UA’s app.

Airberlin Topbonus Status Match Update Online

The reply from Airberlin came in few hours:

Thank you for your E-Mail and your Status Match request.

Please send us a legible copy of your valid frequent flyer card. The screenshot is not sufficient.

Furthermore please tell us your right address, because the address in your profile is not right.

I opened the Premier Gold mailing that came from UA, took the photo of the card and sent it off to Airberlin.

The reply came this morning:

thank you for your status match request. You will receive your topbonus Gold Card in 14 days per post.

Please note that you will automatically receive a topbonus Classic Card (red) when you a part of a new enrollment for the topbonus Program, your new status card is available in a separate letter.

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I have some miles in my Airberlin account and unresolved issues, so the status may come handy at some point. This is a perfect opportunity for those that don’t have Oneworld status but have with Star Alliance or SkyTeam, to get one with this alliance as well.

Some readers reported that Airberlin had matched Air France-KLM Flying Blue Platinum status to Topbonus Platinum that maps to Oneworld Emerald. It is very rare that airline matches to their top satus.

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