Club Carlson Visa Credit Card Benefit Downgrade


Club Carlson sent out emails this morning to its Visa credit card holders informing them about the benefits changes that take effect June 1, 2015.

Club Carlson Member Benefit Update

Members will no longer get one night free when they redeem for minimum of two nights. They will receive a free night award after spending $10,000 annually.

Here’s the email:

Club Carlson Member Benefit Update Email

When I made comparison study back in 2013 (will update this year), the Club Carlson’s loyalty program was by far the most generous in case of free nights based on the spend after promotions were factored in. You can access the findings of the study here.


This has been extremely generous benefit for those Club Carlson members residing in the United States that have had access to this card. Getting the second night free is (soon was) basically getting 50% award discount when you structure your award stay length to two nights.