Hilton HHonors Forced Password Change Update (Remember to Get Your 1,000 Free Points!)


Anyone who has been reading LoyaltyLobby lately knows about the issues that Hilton has had with their hacked accounts and points being used for merchandise.

Hilton HHonors Change Password Email

Hilton HHonors allowed four digit PINs to be used along with the passwords and hackers probably used truce force attacks to discover the correct four digits.

You can change your Hilton HHonors password here.

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Now, Hilton HHonors has finally sent out the email below for members requesting them to change the passwords and offering the 1,000 bonus points for doing it by April 10, 2015.

Hilton HHonors Change Password Email 1Hilton HHonors Change Password Email 2


Let’s just hope that this change would make Hilton HHonors accounts more secure. Nothing is worse than find your account hacked and points used, although Hilton would replace them.