Compensation Clinic: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

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This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre where a LoyaltyLobby reader had issued on his stay.

Compensation Clinic Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

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You can access Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre’s website here.

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Here’s email that the LoyaltyLobby reader sent to the hotel:

I booked and completed a paid stay at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Center Singapore, on 28th March 2015 (Saturday). We arrived for check in at 2:30pm.

My IHG app indicated a suite upgrade, however we were informed that suites were full, and that we could wait for the occupants to check out at 3pm and the suite would be ready at 4pm.

We were asked to come back at 4pm. This is where I suggested if we could hang out in the exec lounge till then, as we had nowhere of interest to go around the hotel.

We made our way to the lounge where we waited till 4pm. And no news of the room. I went ahead to call the front desk and they asked me to check with the front desk at the lounge. I did so, and the lady checked with front desk again and let me know that the occupants only checked out at 4pm and more time (around 30mins) would be required. We waited again till 4:30pm and still, no updates from any staff. We went downstairs to the lobby to enquire once again, but the room was still not ready, we were told to wait yet again. At 5pm+ we were given our keys at the lobby and finally got to check in.

If we had known that we would have to wait so long for the check in, we would have declined the suite and got a normal room instead. Also, we had to call and check for updates regarding our room constantly, instead of staff keeping us informed. As a platinum member I don’t think this is the level of service that IHG wants to put forward.

In support of IHG and their loyalty system, I enrolled in the IHG Dining Rewards program. At this time, only 1 hotel in Singapore covers this program which is of course the Holiday Inn Orchard City Center Singapore. I went for dinner at one of the restaurants under this program (Tandoor Restaurant), with the intention to use my $70 credits that came in the dining rewards package. However, the staff did not know about the program and kept insisting on the $70 physical voucher, even though i constantly explained that the $70 credit is PRE-LOADED onto my dining rewards card (that has a strip) and there was no other voucher besides the “25% off flex rate”. This costed me more than 30mins to settle the bill and almost missing cocktail hour. I was told that I was the first person to use this new program at their restaurant. However, this program was launched for Singapore 3-4months ago, and I hope that the staff could be more educated on this for future patrons

I hope that by providing this feedback, I could help improve IHG’s level of service and prevent the same experience to occur for other future guests.

Lastly, as a Platinum Ambassador member, I require a refund of points or vouchers to compensate my dissatisfactory stay.

Here’s the email from the hotel:

Dear Mr. LoyaltyLobby Reader,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our most loyal Ambassador Platinum IHG Rewards Club member and for choosing the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre as your choice of accommodation.

First and foremost, please accept my sincere apologies for the unpleasant experience you had encountered at arrival as well as during your dinner at Tandoor Restaurant.

Matters pertaining to the delay of room assignment will be scrutinized and addressed, and rest assured rectification to the process will be implemented. With reference to IHG Dining Rewards programme, please take note re-training has commenced immediately especially with our new team members. Your feedback has been discussed with those concerned and corrective actions have been adopted to prevent recurrence.

As a gesture of goodwill, I would like to offer you a 1-night complimentary stay in our Deluxe Suite inclusive of 2 adult breakfast and lunch or dinner for 2 at Tandoor Restaurant. The voucher will be delivered to your mailing address : REMOVED. While I appreciate this does not make up for the inconveniences you had experienced, I hope you will accept it as a token of our sincere desire to restore your faith in us.

Mr LoyaltyLobby reader, your comments and feedback are indeed vital in allowing us to provide a consistently high standard of service to our valued guests and I do hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming you back to our hotel once again.

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of any further assistance in your future reservations.

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This was a good outcome for the reader who sent in this case. He can have a free night stay including breakfast and lunch or dinner.

It is good to know that they have commenced further training to ensure that the restaurant employees are more familiar with the Dining Rewards program that IHG heavily pushes nowadays.

If my upgraded suite is not available at the time of checking in, I usually ask them to give me a regular room until the suite is ready.