Whine Wednesdays: Taxis Issues (Scams) In Cairo & Dar Es Salaam


This is probably one of those pet peeves that won’t go away until we have driverless taxis.

Whine Wednesdays Taxis

I have had couple of bad experiences with taxis as of late that I will whine about….

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1. Cairo – Driver Demands More Cash

If you have been to Cairo, you know the issue with the taxis there. I negotiated a fair rate from the airport to the InterContinental hotel and had a screaming match at the end when the driver demanded more money. After paying what we had agreed, I left him shouting and just walked in.

There is Uber nowadays in Cairo as well, so I ended up using it for transportation within the city.

2. Dar es Salaam – Driver Switches Notes

I was going from the DoubleTree hotel to the Protea (wanted to check out this new Marriott brand by staying there but ended up going to Hyatt instead) and the taxi driver switched the currency notes. This happened to me once in Mexico City too. I had given him the exact fare that had been agreed upon and I was 100% sure that the notes were correct.

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These taxis are just doing a disservice for themselves. If the hassle of using them is too great, people gravitate towards other available services such as Uber.

If someone starts demanding more money and shouts, many probably give in and just give more. Same with the driver that switched the notes. He must believe that non-locals are not sure about the notes they give and are easy target to make few extra bucks.