Etihad Airways Guest Gold Status Upgrade (Without Meeting The Requirements)


Instead of meeting the Etihad Guest Gold status requirement of 50,000 elite qualifying miles within the past 12 months, my status was upgraded this past week being short of less than 2,000 miles.

Etihad Airways Etihad Guest Gold Upgrade

This status upgrade comes handy this coming week, as I am flying from Sao Paulo to Abu Dhabi. Will earn more miles and Etihad often upgrades elites if needed (rolls cabins from economy to business and from business to first).

You can access Etihad’s website for Gold benefits here.

Here’s the email that I received:

Etihad Airways Etihad Guest Gold Upgrade Email

Here’s my current Etihad Guest account status:

Etihad Airways Etihad Guest Gold Upgrade Status U


Due to the double/triple tier miles promotions, I should make it to the Platinum (or very close to it – depends how they deal with one PlusGrade upgrade that resulted new eticket issued during the promo period) once the extra tier miles are posted sometime this summer.

I have flown Etihad mainly in business class, but have used cash or miles to upgrade to first class couple of times. Well wort it for daytime flights, but not so for overnight ones where I sleep most of the time.

I will end up sampling their economy class service as well this spring. Have couple of “long-haul” flights coming up. Let’s see how they’ll go.