Compensation Clinic: Crowne Plaza Belgrade


This weeks Compensation Clinic case comes from a LoyaltyLobby reader who had reservation showing up on his IHG Rewards Club account that wasn’t done by him.

Compensation Clinic Crowne Plaza Belgrade U

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You can access Crowne Plaza Belgrade’s website here.

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Here’s an email that the reader sent to the hotel:

I’ve checked my IHG reward account today and seen that a reservation not made by me has been added to my account (screenshot below) for a check in yesterday (23rd March for 5 nights)

I’m very unhappy that this error has been made by your hotel. I’ve previously stayed at your hotel in January this year so somewhere my details have been picked up and applied to the check in or reservation process.

I’d appreciate that the booking is removed immediately and U receive written confirmation that this booking has nothing to do with me and is your clerical error and none of my personal details can be accessed by the person staying at your hotel (via hotel invoice or otherwise)

I’d appreciate a response from your hotel manager to understand how you’ll stop this happening in the future. Use of my account to associate bookings is a fraudulent use of my details without my agreement and a potential breach of my personal data.

Here’s the reply from the hotel:

Greetings from Belgrade.

I am very sorry that you experienced problem with this reservation and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience this surely has caused you.

I am investigating this case and soon I will inform you about this issue.

Our General Manager is also informed and we will answer you after collecting all details because this is a first time that we have a case like this.

After couple of emails from the reader requesting an update, the hotel sent the following:

I am still waiting for reply from IHG Rewards guest relations agent.

In our system you do not have any reservation connected with your name and we never received it.

There is a reservation with the same confirmation number but with totally different name and credit card and personnel details attached from that person.

We as a hotel did not give or provide your personal detail and nobody has your personal details.

This reservation on your name does not exist at all and please I would like to ask you just to ignore it and when i receive some answer from IHG Rewards guest relation agent  I will forward it to you.

Here’s the follow up email:

I’ve made direct contact with IHG by social media, as this situation to me in still not acceptable, whether it your fault or IHG’s.

Spent the last couple of days wasted on making contact with you for something that really has nothing to do with me.

I’ve made it clear to IHG that I expect a goodwill gesture from either yourselves or IHG to say sorry for this situation and the time I’ve had to spend on it.

I’m was going to return to Belgrade Crowne Plaza on 5th to 6th September but this situation may make me change my plans.

And here’s the reply from the hotel:

I am terrible sorry for this inconvenience and this booking has nothing to do with you and this is some system error which is still under investigation by IHG and for sure your personal details can not be accessed by any other person and for sure you will not be charger for this reservation which as I already mention does not exist in our system.

However, due to this issue, if you are willing to stay with us again we would like to offer upgrade to junior suite for your next visit in September and we already deposit 5.000,00 points to your IHG Rewards account as a goodwill gesture.

I hope that you will stay with us in September and should you have any comment or preference that will make your stay more memorable, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

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So, the hotel threw in a token gesture of 5,000 IHG Rewards Club points and a suite upgrade on a future stay.

If the person’s name doesn’t match the name of the LoyaltyLobby reader, someone has probably typed in a wrong IHG Rewards Club number while making the reservation (online, over the phone or at the hotel).

Sometimes you may see reservations that are not yours if the name matches. Hotels may be sloppy and ask if you have a loyalty account and then just search from their database and attach it to the reservation without confirming the address and other info (and you may end up getting the points).