UPDATE: Etihad Guest Gold Status Match Campaign February/March 2015 (Matches Coming Through)


Etihad Airways has had several status match campaigns over the years and their latest one was launched back in February (read more here).

UPDATE Etihad Guest Gold Status Match Campaign February March 2015

The terms and conditions were changed along the way to include a list of countries where the offer applied to (read more here).

You can access Etihad’s website for Gold benefits here.

Etihad Guest has now processed the status matches and emailed the eligible members.

Remember that Etihad Guest program always reserve the right to choose those that they match. Some have received the status match while some others have not. There is no rhyme for this.

Here’s the email that Etihad Guest program sent out:

Etihad Airways Etihad Guest Gold Upgrade Email

Note that it doesn’t mention the status match anywhere but rather refers to meeting the Gold requirements. Etihad Guest members, which were matched, with no activity at all have received the same email.


I thought that Etihad Guest had upgraded my account to Gold because I was less than 2,000 tier miles short, but it must be because of this promotion. I would have qualified for the status later this anyway.

Seems that they have processed all the successful matches and informed recipients at the same time. I had emailed my status match request based on BA Gold status on March 2nd.