IHG Rewards Club Award Category Changes May 1, 2015


Part of the announcement that IHG Rewards Club made yesterday (read more here), was a footnote that award category changes for 2015.

IHG Rewards Club 2015 Award Category Changes May 1

IHG Rewards Club will have roughly 300 hotels requiring 5,000 to 10,000 points more and about 150 hotels will require 5,000 points less. There are no hotels requiring more than 50,000 points per night.

You can access IHG Rewards Club web page for this announcement here.

Note that IHG Rewards Club has not released previous years a list of hotels moving up and down in award categories, but we have compiled one. I have requested clarification from IHG Rewards Club if they are going to provide one this year, however.


This change is not as widespread as in some previous years. Roughly double the number of hotels will require 5,000 to 10,000 points more than those moving down one award category (5,000 points).

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