READER QUESTIONS: Hilton MVP Rate Requirements, Dishonored Fairfield Inn Reservation, Air Canada Flight Delays & Cancellations, Instant Le Club Accorhotels Sign Up & Candlewood Reservation Issue


Here are five reader questions from the past week that I have decided to reply to publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.


Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however.

Sarah’s Question About Hilton’s MVP Rate

After my embassy suites manager tried to triple my price for next winter….I did find an MVP rate for November and December……this is a place is have come to for many years but there is now new ownership and management. Me has threatened to cancel my reservations as he says these are sports team rates ( very good rates indeed only for the end of the year ! )

Do I have to be officially affiliated with a sports team…I thought he inly requirement was having the honors number.

There is nothing on the terms and conditions of this rate or on the MVP web page that you would need to be affiliated with a sports team to use it.

I am not sure how some hotel is trying to triple the rate when this is only a percentage discount off of the Best Available Rate that the hotel had.

You could always switch to the Gold Medal rate that comes with lower discount.

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Linhang’s Question About Being Walked From Fairfield Inn

The following is an email I sent to marriott. I was walked from fairfield inn because they oversold (booked 2 rooms, but only had 1 left). But instead of comp-ing me for a nearby hotel, they charge me two extra room nights at a nearby residence inn (points taken from my account without consent). Elite agent said points will be refunded earlier monday, but it is now already friday! I wasted 2 hours waiting for solution from being walked, and loss 37500 points in my account.

Im a gold elite member. Please assist on what to do.


Reservation # (removed)

Reservation # (removed)

I have extremely furious at what has happened to me and my marriott account.  I booked  2 rooms at the fairfield inn Troy on April 10th, and the hotel oversold and had to walk me. The hotel didn’t even know how to handle the situation, so it took nearly 2 hours to settle my family and I. I called the gold desk and they said they will take care of everything, however, they need to use my points to book for me at the residence inn (in which I am suppose to be comp-ed), since I was walked at the fairfield. However, they took points from my account anyhow. Not only was I not compensated for being walked and wasted time, but also had to take a dip for 37500 extra points (2 rooms residence inn, I only needed one extra, but they took 2 room-points anyway). They also did not refund the points used to book fairfield inn. Please review elite agent note in file and refund me the 37500 points taken from my account due to hotel’s failure technology.  I also request 90000 points for being walked and for the inconvenience I have endured.

The Fairfield Inn that walked you should have paid for the accommodation at the other hotel, refunded the payment (if you had already paid) and give you $100. The compensation is higher if you were a Platinum member.

Considering how badly the hotel handled this, they should compensate you more, however. Let me know what their offer is.

Wyatt’s Question About Air Canada Flight Cancellations

I flew Air Canada from YYZ to HKG and connect on CX flight to TPE. It is in one ticket, all in business class. Due to AC delay by 5 hours, I missed my connection. There were two other later CX flights that evening to TPE, but AC ground staff at HKG put me on an Air China flight. I objected but it did not work. The CI flight was delayed too. So I arrived in TPE late and missed my ride. I had to pay $50 for a taxi to get to hotel.

My return flight was from PVG to YYZ, business class. That flight was cancelled after an 8-hour delay. I was put in a hotel and then on the flight of the next day. So I missed one day of work.

AC customer relations offered me a 25% discount coupon for a future flight and 5000 Aeroplan miles. I do not believe it is adequate. Can you advise what other channels are available for such a case? Am a resident of Ontario, Canada.

The compensation that you were offered is ridiculous. If you can quantify the expenses/losses derived from the Air Canada’s incompetence (cancellations/delays), you could always take them to the small claims court in Ontario. The process is quite simple.

Air Canada should have put you to the most convenient connection to the Taipei regardless of the carrier. This may have required lot of arguing, however.

On the return, did you check if there are any other flights available to Toronto from Shanghai that would have get you there sooner? Air Canada should have rebooked you to the destination on other airlines. This often requires making it clear with the airline that you are aware of your rights.

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Reader Question About Instant Le Club Accorhotels Sign Ups

Are those instant sign up days (like Accor used to have, for instance) are totally gone or is it still available from time to time?

I receive several messages every day regarding Le Club Accorhotels instant Platinum sign ups that haven’t been available since late 2013.

As the Le Club Accorhotels changed the name of the program (used to be called A Club) and spiced up the benefits, they probably came to a conclusion that giving it out for free wasn’t the best course of action.

There are still ways to get the status easily because all the points earned (including bonuses) count towards it.

At the end of last year, there was an offer with Air Canada that would have earned the status in just three stays + 15,000 airline miles in the process.

Enrique’s Question About Candlewood Reservation Issue

Opened a case over the phone (bad idea/waste of time in retrospect) and the agent was uninformed/completely unhelpful, and offered me 5k points which I declined. She said she “couldn’t prove my side of the story” at which point I terminated the call and sent this email.

I am a Platinum Ambassador with hundreds of room nights consumed over the past few years. Normally, all my stays are exemplary. However, I have had an extremely unsatisfactory experience with the Candlewood Suites Phoenix.

I had a confirmed reservation for Thursday, April 16. I arrived Friday at 5am to checkin, and the door to the lobby was locked with a sign stating the front desk was closed. There was a phone to dial the front desk, which I dialed multiple times. I could hear the phone ringing through the wall and no one answered. I tried dialing the property directly from my phone and nobody answered. I waited around for about 15 minutes before finally giving up. If there is any doubt as to whether I was there for 15 minutes, feel free to check the security cameras.

As my confirmed reservation was not honored, I am requesting compensation in accordance with the brand standard for a dishonored resevation. I request my original reservation be cancelled, the offending property pay for my new reservation at the Holiday Inn Phoenix for 15,000 points, and 10,000 points for a future night at an equivalent rate of the offending property, for a total of 25,000 points.

Please let me know when my reservation has been cancelled and the 25,000 points posted to my account.

Haven’t stayed at Candlewood Suites for a long time, but could be that their front desk is closed at certain hours. I remember seeing some sort of key box for getting after hour access.

They probably had someone working there after hours, but might have been in solid sleep? The compensation request appears to be responsible. Let me know how it goes.


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