LOUNGE CHECK: LAN VIP Lounge Santiago De Chile


When I was departing from Santiago de Chile on march 29th on LAN, I had no idea that the lounge that I visited (looked brand new though) had only been open for few days. I was very positively surprised the space and the Scandinavian style design used.

LL LAN Lounge Santiago Entrance Lounge

It was quite a change from the old LAN lounge (now closed) and hundred times better than the America Airlines Admirals that is still open in Santiago.

Check In

LAN Lounge Santiago Entrance

The access to Premium check in area is confusing and not very well marked. You ave to keep walking past the airline offices. I actually tried to take an elevator first only to find that I ended up in a wrong floor.

LAN Lounge Santiago Check In Desks

The check in was swift. You can then proceed to security and immigration that are both only to elite members and premium passengers. You can then proceed to the lounge or take an elevator to the departure area.


LAN Lounge Santiago Entrance Lounge Check

The lounge is has its own check in and has separate area for paid access on the left with non-tarmac views. The right side and entire upstairs is reserved for premium passengers.

The lounge design was light (bright open space) and I would call it done in a Scandinavian style.


LAN Lounge Santiago Downstairs Bar

There is a bar area downstairs and separate area for the food.

LAN Lounge Santiago Downstairs Bar Tables

There are tables for eating and drinking.

LAN Lounge Santiago Bar Communal Table Downstairs

Communal table.


LAN Lounge Santiago Sleeping Area Upstairs

There is a small sleeping are with not so comfortable looking chairs.

LAN Lounge Santiago Entertainment Room Upstairs

And also an entertainment room that wasn’t ready at the time.

LAN Lounge Santiago Upstairs Sitting Area Tarmac View

The view of the tarmac is a lot better upstairs.

LAN Lounge Santiago Upstairs Work Area More

There is plenty of work space as well.

LAN Lounge Santiago Champagne Upstairs

And its own bar as well.


LAN Lounge Santiago Food Downstairs

The food option were quite limited. They had soup, some cold cuts and salad.


LAN Lounge Santiago Beverages Champagne

They had proper bar area with wine and French champagne available.

LAN Lounge Santiago Wide Display Upstairs

Here’s the lounge info from LAN.com:

Santiago 03:00 – 01:00 hrs. 4th and 5th Floor of West Sector, AMB Airport (direct access from Priority Check-in, after passing the international police). Showers, ironing service, shoe-shine service, Business Center, Internet, e-mail, newspapers, magazines, WI-FI, lounge, area to relax in, fax, photocopier, phone, TV. LAN


If you are spending more than few minutes in the lounge, I would go straight to upstairs. Seems that most of the passengers stay downstairs and thus it is much busier.

I was frankly surprised that they had French bubbly available in the lounge. The other alcohol options were quite typical and didn’t have time to sample them or the wines. The food (I would call them snack really) available could have been better and more substantial.

Overall, one of the better Oneworld lounges design wise. One wouldn’t expect less, as it is LAN’s home turf and main hub. The only issue is that you cannot access it if flying on domestic flights such as to Easter Islands (leaves from domestic side).