Airberlin Acknowledges Terrible Customer Service


When I was flying on Airberlin at the end of past week, I was reading their in-flight magazine and came across this column written by Airberlin’s CEO (or probably someone from their marketing department).

Airberlin Topbonus Customer Promise

Seems that the airline is trying to up their customer service promise (do they have any at the moment?) by tripling the personnel handling the complaints and claims rising from the EC 261/2004 legislation.

I was recently whining about the miserable Airberlin experience when I was trying to get to get one business class ticket rebooked (read more about this here).

Here’s the text on the Airberlin’s in-flight magazine:

Airberlin Topbonus Customer Promise Text


The Airberlin customer service has truly been deplorable and I have three outstanding issues with them from that business class ticket that still hasn’t been resolved to delaying two bags by two days this past weekend that resulted me having to use 650 euros to purchase some clothes to get by.

My German friend told me that the only way to reach an admirable resolution with this airline is to get a lawyer involved. We’ll see.