Hyatt Gold Passport Forced Password Change (Hacked?)


Hyatt Gold Passport has been sending out emails in the past 24 hours informing members that the account password must be changed.

Hyatt Gold Passport Hacked

The email states that there has been unauthorized access by 3rd parties to some accounts, but Hyatt doesn’t believe that the information would have been obtained from them.

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Here’s the email:

Hyatt Gold Passport Hacked Text


This is the second time Hyatt is forcing members to change their passwords and/or account usernames. They had an issue few years back.

Considering how unstable Hyatt’s website has been for years (incompetent IT), it wouldn’t surprise me if they had been hacked and username/password database compromised.

It is entirely plausible, however, that some hackers are just trying to recycle account usernames and passwords from different website to see if they also work on Many use same usernames and passwords across various websites.